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Police reports: Brawl house, 7-year-old jumped by stranger, Wild Bill's punch-out, more ...

A Cottage Grove woman reported April 2 that her vehicle was stolen from the Xperience Fitness parking lot, 1555 Queens Drive. The woman still had the keys to the vehicle, a 2002 Chevy Cavalier, which also contained her purse. No suspects. Loss: $1,500.

A 7-year-old boy reported April 3 that he was assaulted by a man near Woodbury Baptist Church, 6695 Upper Afton Road. The boy said he was walking home from school and cutting between the tennis courts and the church when the man emerged from under a pine tree and approached him on the sidewalk. The man slapped the boy with an open hand without saying anything to him. The suspect was described as a 6-foot tall white male in his 20s wearing a "chin-strap" beard and a Green Bay Packers ballcap, a tan jacket and dark sunglasses. Police searched the area without success. The school was advised of the situation and an alert was sent to parents.

A resident in the 6300 block of Tahoe Road reported April 4 that someone entered his unlocked vehicle and took a change jar and cigarettes. Loss: $15.

Police responded April 4 to a fight at Woodbury High School, 2665 Woodlane Drive. Two males fought after a go-between student relayed name-calling. Both combatants sustained minor injuries in the brief scuffle. One student received a Youth Service Bureau referral. The other, who had extensive history with police, was cited for disorderly conduct.

A resident in the 7700 block of Cayenne Plaza reported April 4 that her home had been burglarized after a wallet was discovered missing.

Police doing a K-9 sniff in the Woodbury High School parking lot were alerted to a vehicle. The operator of the vehicle, a female student, was notified of the search and told police "there might be some things" inside it that could lead to trouble. The girl said the items belonged to someone she drove to school, but wouldn't identify. A search of the vehicle turned up a baggie of a substance later determined to be marijuana and a makeshift pot pipe. The driver denied it belonged to her. A male suspect was also questioned. Neither student was cited; both received school consequences.

Police responded April 4 to Woodland Point Apartments, where a juvenile female said had been slapped and bitten by her 16-year-old brother. A dispute over an iPod and a cellphone apparently prompted the siblings to chase each other around the apartment's pool. The children's mother said she would resolve the matter.

A St. Paul man reported April 4 that items were stolen from his unlocked vehicle while parked at Xperience Fitness. A $300 pair of sunglasses, a phone charger and an MP3 radio converter were stolen.

Police responded at 3:19 a.m. April 7 to an underage party report involving fights in the 6100 block of Tahoe Circle. No party was found, but a jacket, T-shrit, key and cellphone were found in the driveway of the suspected residence. About an hour later, police responded to another report of a fight at the residence. An officer responding began chasing a vehicle that left the residence. The vehicle ran out of road and a female fled on foot. She got away. Back at the residence, officers saw people inside and knocked on the door. Someone inside used profanity in letting police know not to enter. A man eventually emerged and told police he was walking home, but offered no other information about the night's events. Around 6 a.m., police returned to the scene for another fight report. An officer encountered a man attempting to leave the scene in a vehicle. The officer tried blocking the vehicle's exit, but it drove around and came to a stop at a dead end, where the driver got out and fled on foot down a steep embankment. He got away, but was identified. Police said he would be charged with fleeing an officer once apprehended.

A Woodbury man reported being slugged in the face April 7 at Wild Bill's, 546 Commons Drive. The man said he bumped shoulders with another man on the way to the bathroom. When he came out, the other man walked up and punched him in the face. The victim fell down, losing his watch in the process, while the suspect bolted from the establishment. The victim said his watch was valued at $8,000.