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March 2013 story: Police say nude woman in Woodbury gym tanning bed finds man inside room

A Woodbury gym cleaner was arrested on suspicion of interfering with privacy and harassment after allegedly entering a tanning room where a woman was sleeping.

According to a police report, officers were called at 1:03 a.m. March 13 to Xperience Fitness, 1555 Queens Drive, for suspicious activity. A woman who had been sleeping nude in a tanning bed there reported that a man had entered the tanning bed room.

The woman said she awakened to the sound of something in the room and found the man at the foot of the tanning bed.

The woman jumped out of the bed, got dressed, left the gym and called police.

In an interview with police, the man admitted to entering the room to pick up trash and said he bent over to pick up a loose piece of paper near the foot of the tanning bed. He was arrested and jailed on suspicion of interfering with privacy and harassment/stalking.

It was not the first time police made contact with the man in the early hours at the gym. On Feb. 22, a woman reported that a man was watching her while she was in the locker room at Xperience Fitness. Police interviewed the suspect - the same Oakdale man - who admitted to being in the women's locker room. He said he didn't intend to invade the woman's privacy and entered at 1:47 a.m. without realizing someone was inside.