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Police reports: Road rage with knife, pooch Maced in face, problematic posturing, more ...

Police responded Feb. 26 to a theft from work site in the 11000 block of Wagon Wheel Curve. A complainant reported that $4,550 in siding equipment left at the site was stolen after a security cable was cut. There were no witnesses to the theft.

A resident in the 3000 block of Copper Oakds Trail reported Feb. 28 that an unusual volume of short-term vehicle traffic was occurring at a house in the block. A male resident was suspected of conducting drug deals at the front door. Acting on information, police stopped a vehicle that had visited the house and contained the suspect. Though there was a faint smell of burnt marijuana in the car, no pot was found in the vehicle.

Officers responded Feb. 28 to a Silverwood Road address for an assault report. A man on the scene said he was assaulted by another man outside the residence. Two men outside the residence admitted to getting into a fight in the driveway. Neither man sought criminal charges against the other, though police warned them of disorderly conduct consequences.

The mother of a Woodbury High School student reported March 1 that her iPhone was stolen from the girls' lavatory. The phone had been left on a common shelf while the girl used the restroom. Loss: $500.

Police were called March 1 to Wild Bill's, 546 Commons Drive, for an assault. A male customer there had been kicked out of the bar. He punched a sign afterward. He accused staff of being responsible for him not wearing his wedding ring and for his watch breaking. He later found his watch and wedding ring in his pants pocket. The man, who was described as intoxicated, was driven home by his brother.

Officers were called March 2 to a dog park on Dale Road, where a woman said her dog had been sprayed with Mace. The woman said her dog, an American bulldog, approached a couple and their dog, a golden retriever. The woman said the bulldog began to play with the retriever when a male owner of the retriever sprayed what appeared to be mace in the bulldog's face. Police observed yellow liquid on the dog's head, along with red, swollen eyes and skin. The woman said she confronted the man, who walked away with another woman. Police spoke with the male suspect, who said he sprayed the dog in the face three times with Mace because he believed the bulldog was attacking his dog. Police told the man they had witnessed the bulldog playing well with other dogs and didn't show signs of aggression. The couple disagreed and didn't report an injuries to their dog, nor did police observe any injuries. Later that day, the couple reported finding two small puncture marks on their retriever and a 1-inch cut on the dog.

A motorist reported March 2 that another motorist pulled a knife on her during a road rage incident that began near I-494 and Lake Road, and continued on to the parking lot of Barnes and Noble, 7020 Valley Creek Road. After a traffic incident on the highway, a West St. Paul man followed the woman to Barnes and Noble, where he got out, opened her vehicle's door and demanded her driver's license to report her. The man left the area after hearing the woman on the phone with 911 dispatch. The woman said the man displayed a knife to her while the two were waiting at a stoplight on the way to the bookstore. The woman denied being afraid of the man, calling him "a blowhard." Police told the man that his actions bordered on disorderly conduct. No charges were filed in the case.

Police were called March 3 to a community pool at a Woodbury townhome development for a report of indecent exposure. A man there said he was swimming with his three young children when a group of adults left the pool. A member of the group returned to the pool soaking wet, clad only in clingy white underwear that the complainant said was highly revealing. The suspect stood on the pool deck, then strode over to the man and his family "in a posturing, deliberate nature." The complainant confronted the suspect, who said he came out to shower off his foot. Police talked with the suspect, who it was determined didn't understand the offensiveness of his behavior due to cultural differences. The man received a verbal warning from police.

A Woodbury woman called March 3 to report a fight behind a business at Woodbury Drive and Valley Creek Road. Police determined the group comprised bantam hockey players who were having a snowball fight after their year-end party.

Officers responded March 5 to Tavern Grill, 772 Bielenberg Drive, for a fight involving three males. The disturbance involved two brothers and a friend in a mutual shoving episode. All parties were drunk and admitted it was "stupid" that police became involved. The brothers were picked up by their mother and taken home.