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Police reports: Cougar sighting, drive-by pellet shooting, more ...

Police were called Dec. 27 to the 3400 block of Crestmoor Point for a package theft. A woman there had ordered a student planner and a jewelry box that was supposedly delivered but was not at her residence. Loss: $63.

A resident in the 1900 block of Jewel Drive reported Dec. 27 that male was seen in a yard with a rifle mounted to a tripod. Police were unable to locate the person.

Police received a burglary report Dec. 28 in the 1400 block of Corral Lane, where a resident there reported that he came home to find his doors open and items missing. Belongings reported stolen included an Xbox console and its accessories, a chop saw and numerous power tools. Loss: $1,310. There is a suspect.

A resident in the 1000 block of Powers Lake Point reported Dec. 25 that he discovered the lock ot his garage service door had been tampered with. Police found pry marks on the door and damage on the frame.

A male in a minivan reported Dec. 26 that while stopped at Tamarack Road and Seasons Parkway, he looked at a vehicle stopped next to him. An occupant in the other vehicle, a sedan, raised his middle finger in response. The male put his hands up as if to say "what?" After seeing the gesture, the front seat passenger of the sedan reached behind his seat and the driver put down a rear window. As the vehicles left the semaphore, a minivan occupant looked back at the sedan and saw a flash from the passenger window followed by a bang. The minivan passengers reported something impacted the rear driver's side door of the van. The minivan pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot, where an occupant called 911. Police were unable to locate the suspects' vehicle. Police reported the minivan had a pea-sized paint chip on the door, indicating the damage was likely inflicted by an airsoft gun or a BB gun.

Police responding to a Dec. 28 report of suspicious activity near the on-ramp to 494 on Lake Road found a male motorist who was dressed in drag pulled over on the road. The man claimed to be out of windshield wiper fluid, though police indicated he was "just steps" from the nearby Super America gas station.

Police with knowledge of open containers and underage drinking occurring on a party bus made contact with the vehicle Dec. 31 near Target on Commerce Drive as it was dropping people off. During the incident, an officer saw a female backing a car up. The officer ordered the driver to stop, even striking the vehicle with his flashlight, but she took off through the parking lot. The vehicle later stopped outside the parking lot, where police arrested the female for DWI, fleeing police, DWI test refusal, underage drinking and driving, underage consumption and allowing open container.

A resident in the 400 block of Haute Court reported Dec. 31 that he saw a cougar near his home. The man said he startled the animal, which ran off into the woods near his home. Police were unable to locate a cougar in the area.