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Authorities looking for vandals who vandalized homes, cars with hate messages

Authorities say vandals in Hastings spray-painted hate messages on at least six homes and several cars Thursday night.

Hastings Police Chief Paul Schnell said the vandals painted swastikas, racially charged messages and messages praising Satan on the homes and cars.

Schnell said he will release more details about the crimes later.

"This is a despicable act," Hastings Mayor Paul Hicks said in a press release issued by the Hastings Police Department. "In addition to the senseless damage to our resident's home and property, the messages of hate and bigotry are contrary to the values of this community."

The homes were hit with swastikas, racially charged messages, other words of hate and messages praising Satan.

Cars were also painted with similar messages.

"This is a serious crime that is and will continue to be aggressively investigated," Hastings Police Chief Paul Schnell said. "We want the person or persons responsible for these crimes identified, arrested and subjected to the full scrutiny of the criminal justice system."

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call the police department at 651-480-2300.

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