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Man violated parole conditions when he purchased knives

A Woodbury man who received four years of probation last year for plotting to kill a stranger admitted to a judge last month that he recently violated conditions of his parole.

Andrew James Busskohl, 21, was arrested June 3 not far from his home on the 3200 block of Canterbury Court after his probation officer found a box of knives that were addressed to him in the mail. The officer found the package at the front door of Busskohl's home, a police report stated.

Busskohl was taken into custody by Woodbury police and transported to the Washington County Jail in Stillwater.

On June 7 Busskohl told a judge during a probation violation hearing at the Washington County Courthouse that he knew he was in violation of his parole when he purchased the knives. He was sentenced in June of 2009 in connection to his August 2008 admission to police that he had plotted to kill a stranger who lived near his home.

According to the sentencing guidelines, Busskohl was "to have no weapons, no incendiary devices, or materials that can be used to make weapons."

Busskohl received a suspended jail sentence and four years probation for pleading guilty to two gross misdemeanors - one for aggravated harassment and another for damage to property. Both charges were related to his plot and an Aug. 6, 2008 incident where he attempted to break the window of the residents home with a rock.

The Washington County Attorney's office had charged Busskohl with attempted murder a month after his initial arrest. Those charges were dismissed in January 2009 by Judge Elizabeth H. Martin, who wrote that an attempted murder charge "requires specific intent plus a substantial step toward commission of the crime."

Prosecutors reached a plea deal with Busskohl's attorneys in April of 2009 that dropped the remaining felony burglary and harassment charges to gross misdemeanors.

The original Aug. 11, 2008 criminal complaint filed by Woodbury police stated Busskohl told a friend he planned to break a window at the home of the targeted victim one night and would return the next night to "either stab the potential victim in the chest or slash his throat" and then either cut off the eye lids of the victim or cut out his heart.

Busskohl told police he was very scared after he broke the window in the early morning hours of Aug. 6, 2008 and believed that he would not have come back to the home the following evening. Police arrested Busskohl the next day.

- Hank Long