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Police seeing increase in residential burglaries this winter

Residential burglary is on the rise this winter, according to the Woodbury Public Safety Department.

The city issued a press release Friday, Jan. 8 to inform residents about the increase, which states many of the burglaries are occurring when the owners are out of town or when an overhead garage door is left open.

"Many valuable items are kept in a garage, including vehicles," the press release states, which the city shared with subscribers on its InTouch email list serv. "Burglars who enter the garage do not hesitate to further enter the home through an unlocked access door. Some of these burglaries occur during the overnight hours when homeowners and their families are sleeping. Other burglaries occur when criminals force entry into a home."

The department then encouraged residents to follow a series of tips to help prevent winter home burglaries which includes "keep your valuables in an unlikely place" and "arrange someone to shovel driveway and walkway if you are going to be away from your home for a prolonged period of time.

Last fall the Eagle Valley neighborhood experienced a rash of home burglaries that occurred at homes where the residents were out of town. Police are continuing to investigate those incidents.

Also included in the city's burglary prevention tips is a link for residents to sign up for a "vacation check" program with the public safety department.

For more information on the program go to: