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Hudson police investigate alleged fake school bus

Hudson police are investigating a report that someone posing as a school bus driver tried to pick up three second-grade girls on Friday morning at their bus stop.

According to Officer Mark Crimmins, HPD school liaison officer, the girls were at their bus stop on Chestnut Drive behind Hudson High School waiting for their bus to Willow River Elementary School. The girls said an unmarked yellow mini-bus approached their stop and the driver told them that their bus had broken down and that the girls were supposed to get on the mini-bus which would take them to school. The girls described the woman as older with gray hair. They also said that there was a passenger already on the bus, another girl wearing a blue jacket.

The girls refused to get on the mini-bus and the driver drove off. The girls said the bus had the number 13 on it. The girls' regular bus then picked them up and they reported the incident to their bus driver.

Crimmins said that the Safeway Bus Company confirmed that a yellow-mini bus with its name on it was in the neighborhood around the time of the incident. A child wearing a blue coat was on that bus and arrived at school.

When questioned, the driver said she made a wrong turn in the area but did not make any stops and did not speak to the children.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Crimmins said the police department is adding extra patrols in the area and around the school.