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Weekly police blotter

Officers make rounds on water violations

Woodbury community service officers handed out warnings or citation to more than one dozen residents from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20 during a round of watering violations checks.

The city lawn watering policy has a year odd/even schedule that means residents have to check the calendar to see if they can water their lawn on any given day.

Woodbury Public Safety spokeswoman Kim Peterson said public works employees handed out the lawn watering citations in the past, but the police department's community service officers have been assigned the task recently.

Vandalism in Ojibway Park

Police were called to Ojibway Park Sept. 20 to respond to a report of vandalism at the men's bathroom near the baseball field. Police reported graffiti with the letters "BOC" scrawled in permenant marker. The police report indicated that these letters were reported at another vandalism location. The report indicated that the police may have a possible suspect in mind.

Cougar spotted

A Woodbury resident called police Sept. 21 to report a wild animal sighting in his backyard on the 3700 block of Lilac Lane.

The resident told police he believes he spotted a cougar stalking prey. The resident told police it was larger than a dog and was orange or red in color.

Fireworks complaint

Police were called to the 2300 block of Sumac Circle on Sept. 12 on a report of fireworks being set off in the neighborhood. Upon arrival the fireworks stopped and officers could not locate the source.