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Vehicle break-ins, burglaries on the rise during summer months

Summertime is synonymous with baseball and barbecue.

But recently in Woodbury the season of warm weather has become associated with an increase in thefts and burglaries.

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in thefts from cars parked in driveways and within open accessible garages, city officials said this week.

In addition, a few residences were entered (burglarized) through open overhead garage doors and unlocked service doors to the homes.

City communications officials took the opportunity to serve as a reminder to resident to take valuables (GPS devices, cell phones, IPODS, computers, music CDs and cases, briefcases, cash, wallets, purses, gym bags, sunglasses, etc.) and ignition/house keys out of their vehicles.

The Woodbury Public Safety Department sent out an Intouch email to inform residents on ways to minimized opportunities for break ins to their vehicles or garages.

• Lock your car doors and do not leave any items visible including electronic cords to suggest that there might be something hidden in a console or glove box.

• Custom car stereos are also an item that entices thieves so make sure you take security precautions by removing the faceplate or adding other theft deterrent procedures.

• If you are a victim of a theft or burglary having an updated list of serial numbers and detailed descriptions of items helps in connecting crimes with those in possession of the stolen items.

• Keep your home secure especially when you are not in direct observation of an open door. Before retiring to sleep do a cursory check and ensure that the overhead garage door(s) is closed and any other access to your home is locked.

More on this story to come in the Wednesday, July 29 print edition of the Woodbury Bulletin.