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Woodbury man sentenced for domestic assault; burglary, sexual assault charges dismissed

A Woodbury man will serve 90 days work release for a felony domestic assault charge after he was accused in February of forcefully entering a woman's home, beating her and sexually assaulting her.

A Washington County district court on July 26 convicted Tobis Antoine Williams, 45, for the assault charge— one of three Williams faced, including first-degree burglary and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The burglary and criminal sexual conduct charges were dismissed.

Woodbury police responded to a call in February from a woman who said she had broken up with Williams about a week before and told him not to return to her home, according to a criminal complaint filed in Washington County.

Williams allegedly returned the morning of Feb. 27 and opened the garage by entering the security code. Williams, whom the woman told police was intoxicated, knocked on the garage service door.

When she opened the door an inch, Williams pushed the door open and entered the house. Williams grabbed the woman by her hair and punched her in the head about 10 times when she yelled for him to leave. He broke a wine glass on the woman's leg and threatened to kill her while choking her until she felt that she was going to pass out.

Williams then ordered the woman to undress, the complaint said. The woman reportedly told him "this is rape," and Williams ordered her to perform a sex act on him, according to court records.

He pushed the woman onto a couch and briefly passed out while lying on top of her. He woke up when she tried to move from under him and butted his head against hers before passing out again.

The woman eventually persuaded Williams to go upstairs and lay in bed, at which point she was able to call the police. Officers arrived and found Williams lying in the bed wearing only his boxers.

The woman's three-year-old daughter had been sleeping upstairs during the assault.

The sentencing marks Williams' third conviction related to domestic assault in Minnesota.

A Ramsey County Court convicted him of misdemeanor domestic assault in 2007, a conviction he later received again in a Hennepin County court in 2009.