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Mail thefts ramp up in Woodbury

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Woodbury police reported a recent uptick in reports of mail theft throughout the community.

Nine separate reports were logged last week, all but one of which occurred in the Eagle Valley neighborhood.

Police spokeswoman Michelle Okada said the thefts follow a few random package thefts scattered throughout the last few weeks.

"They can happen any time, but the trends seem to parallel gift giving holidays, tax return time, and often when we have one cluster of mail theft, another will pop up in another area of town," Okada said.

Mail thieves often seek checks that can be altered and fraudulently cashed and personal information they can use to access bank accounts and identity information.

A Woodbury Public Safety release said signs of mail theft can include suspicious people or vehicles stopping or moving slowly near mailboxes and multiple open mailboxes and junk mail scattered on the ground.

Residents who suspect mail theft in their neighborhood are encouraged to record license plate numbers, direction of travel and vehicle make, model and color, if it is safe to do so.

Woodbury Public Safety offered the following advice to deter mail and package theft:

• Hand deliver sensitive or valuable mail directly to the mail carrier when possible.

• Avoid raising the red flag on residential mailboxes when mail is placed inside. The flag can attract theft.

• Consider using a P.O. box or a secure mailbox that locks.

• Collect mail from the mailbox or front door as soon as possible.

• Do not let mail sit in a mailbox overnight.

• Have packages delivered to a business address or have a neighbor collect them as soon as possible.

• Notify the post office if you will be out of town.