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Police seek help identifying woman suspected in credit card cloning case

Photos courtesy of Woodbury Public Safety.1 / 2
Photo courtesy of Woodbury Public Safety.2 / 2

Woodbury police are asking for the public's help in identifying a woman they believe to be involved in a credit card cloning case.

Officials said two cards were used at both Woodbury Walgreens March 21. At least six people were affected, police said.

Woodbury police obtained images of the person they suspect played a role in copying the cards and making purchases.

Woodbury police spokeswoman Michelle Okada said the department is not sure if the cards were copied in Woodbury. The department also doesn't know if the suspect used a credit card skimmer, Okada said.

Credit card thieves often attach the devices, called skimmers, over card readers on ATMs and other payment machines to obtain a person's credit card information. Law enforcement agencies and credit card companies across the country have noted a recent surge in the use of credit card skimmers.

The Woodbury Public Safety Department is asking anyone with information to contact officer Spencer Scofield at 651-714-3600.

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