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Video of girl in underwear leads to alleged pimp

Joshua Carlisle

A video of an underage girl dancing in her underwear led to an alleged pimp from Washington County.

Woodbury Public Safety, Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Minneapolis Police Department teamed up on an investigation in November 2016 that lead to pimping charges against a man who recently moved from Georgia to St. Paul and then White Bear Lake.

Joshua Carlisle, 25, appeared in Washington County District Court to face felony charges of promoting the prostitution of an individual, received his conditional release after posting $500,000 bail, and is due back in March.

According to the complaint:

Carlisle posted an ad on that contained the video of a 14-year-old known to be involved in sex trafficking. In the video's background, another girl's voice sounded distressed, exclaiming: "I think the condom broke."

On the same day that the video was posted online, the 17-year-old sister of the girl dancing in the video was reported as a runaway.

Using an emergency locate on the phone associated with the ad, Minneapolis police pointed the Washington County Sex Trafficking Coalition toward the intersection of Laurel and Fourth streets, a residential area in Stillwater.

While police believed the girls to be near the phone, the older girl was recovered in St. Paul. She'd been walking in a park with no shoes and appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance, police said. She was transported to a hospital.

While a suspect address and vehicle parked in front of it were under surveillance by a Woodbury officer, individuals began rummaging through the vehicle and later told police they had been asked to pick up the vehicle for Carlisle, who felt he was being watched by undercover officers.

The Woodbury officer knocked on the door and arrested Carlisle, who had the cellphone inside an apartment. Forensic examination of the phone is pending, but a preliminary search of the phone found a connection between the online ad and Carlisle's email.

Outside the residence, the Minneapolis officer talked to a 29-year-old female friend of Carlisle. He gave her rides. When one day she asked to borrow money from him, Carlisle said the two of them could make a lot of money using online ads. He set up a time to meet a man for sex without a condom at a rate of $500. They agreed to split the money.

On the way to Motel 6 in St. Paul, though, Carlisle saw what he thought was an unmarked police car and called off the meet-up. The woman told police she believes that if Carlisle hadn't seen the unmarked squad, she would have been sexually exploited for money.

The investigation is ongoing, because police believe Carlisle was promoting the prostitution of multiple females.