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Wisconsin man gets charged with meth possession in Landfall

Washington County sheriff’s deputies arrested, and the County Attorney’s Office charged, a Houlton, Wis., resident with possession of methamphetamine after a Nov. 28 incident in Landfall.

At 11:32 p.m., after a deputy pulled over a vehicle driven by Leonard Claude Anderson, 49, near the intersection of Dellwood and First avenues, law enforcement saw an unlabeled prescription pill bottle, which Anderson handed to the deputy upon request. Twenty unlabeled pills were in the bottle, according to the criminal complaint.

The deputy also found two small Tupperware containers — one of which contained a thick, clear liquid — inside the vehicle, the complaint said.

During a search, Anderson yelled to the deputy that the Harley Davidson backpack in the backseat belonged to him and that the deputy could not search it. The deputy informed the suspect that law enforcement could search the backpack.

In it was a small baggie of meth, according to the complaint.

Anderson made an appearance in court Nov. 30 and is due back in February.