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Man unsuccessfully tries to deposit $6,000 in stolen checks at Woodbury bank

A Bloomington man was convicted of check forgery, a gross misdemeanor, after getting caught in Woodbury with checks taken from an acquaintance.

Darrius Spencer Norris, 24, deposited $6,000 in stolen checks via the ATM at Woodbury Postal Credit Union, located in the 8400 block of Tamarack Road, now called Ideal Credit Union.

Norris served two days in the Washington County jail. The rest of his one-year sentence was stayed, so long as he complies with Washington County Community Corrections during two years of supervised probation, according to a Jan. 11 probation agreement.

He'll pay restitution in the amount of $1,124.60, but his $3,000 fine was stayed for 25 years.

According to a complaint:

On Oct. 16, 2013, a woman opened a free checking and savings account, obtaining a debit card and personal identification number (PIN).

Two days later, the card and PIN were used by Norris at the ATM to deposit two checks—one for $2,500, the other for $3,500. Law enforcement obtained images of Norris as he made the bank deposit.

On Oct. 29, 2013, a bank employee reported the potential check forgery.

The victim reported that two personal checks had been stolen on about Sept. 21, 2013. She also knew Norris, who had been present in her home at the time the checks disappeared.