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Three men go to jail for burglarizing Woodbury Lutheran Church

Three perpetrators in a 2014 burglary at Woodbury Lutheran Church were sentenced last year, and one of them apparently violated probation already.

Deandre Trevon Frelix, 19, of Ramsey, Minn., and Mason Andrew Maseda, 20, of Woodbury were convicted of third-degree burglary, a felony.

Frelix was sentenced late last month to 58 days already served in the Washington County jail. Maseda served two days in jail. Both of them will be on probation for five years.

The third man involved—Adric James Anderson, 19, of Burnsville—was convicted and sentenced in January 2015 for third-degree burglary. He spent 81 days in county jail, was sentenced to five years on probation, has been held without bail since Jan. 5, and is scheduled for a probation violation hearing on Jan. 16.

According to the complaint:

On Oct. 17, 2014, three men were chased out of the church, located in the 7300 block of Afton Road, leaving behind clothing, headphones, phone chargers and phones.

The next day, three individuals reported to police that they had been assaulted and their phones stolen. Eventually, Maseda admitted they'd not been stolen but left behind as the men fled.

To get back his phone, Frelix set up an Oct. 29 meeting with police. He admitted that Anderson had told Frelix and Maseda that he knew where they could get some food and money.

On Oct. 17, they ate food from the fridge in the church kitchen and rummaged through things, using kitchen knives to break into rooms. Anderson wanted to steal items of value. They took 42 video games, 14 Xbox controllers, eight Wii controllers, two PlayStation controllers and $20 cash.

Frelix and Anderson pawned the controllers at Pawn America, and police estimated the items were worth between $1,161 and $2,455.

Due to Anderson's criminal history, including another 2014 burglary conviction, and no permanent address, a warrant was issued for his arrest.