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YMCA's identity thief violates probation

Cody Michael Buzay, 20, of Mahtomedi was convicted of identity theft, after serving 30 days in the Washington County jail. Then he violated probation, which was to have a term of five years. He has a warrant out for his arrest.

According to the complaint:

On Feb. 22, 2015, Woodbury police responded to the YMCA, where an employee observed a man open and go through five to 10 lockers.

An officer confronted Buzay in the men's locker room, with two credit cards in his wallet—the employee's and one belonging to another man. Buzay informed law enforcement he didn't know how the employee's credit card got into his wallet. Someone else must've placed it there, he told police.

The other man was his friend who lent the credit card to him, Buzay told police.

The employee said his card had been stolen Feb. 10. Three fraudulent transactions occurred before he could cancel the card.

About a month before the incident at the Y, Buzay had jokingly taken his friend's wallet but also returned it the same day. The credit card was gone and the friend confronted Buzay, who denied taking it.

The friend learned that there had been one unsuccessful attempt to withdraw cash using his credit card. Then, he canceled it.

Neither credit card owner had given Buzay permission to possess or use their card.