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Walgreens customer gets caught with meth

After an incident last fall in Woodbury, Pretesha Lene Scott, 33, of St. Paul was convicted of fifth-degree drug possession, a felony, last month.

Supervised probation started with Washington County Community Corrections on Dec. 17. As long as she complies with the terms of seven years on probation, a prison sentence of 12 months, one day will remain under a stay of execution.

Scott was also sentenced to 180 days in the Washington County jail—78 of which she previously served, the other 102 of which will be served as in-custody Sentence to Service.

According to the complaint:

At 1:06 a.m. Sept. 21, 2015, Scott attempted to use someone else's credit card at a Walgreens, then parked in the lot at another Walgreens for three hours. She told police she was buying items for her sister, who was in Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

Scott told a police officer she didn't have her identification. When police asked for her name, she used her sister's name, which came back with a valid driver's license and without any warrants. The officer eventually found out that she had given a false name, and that her license had been revoked and she had two active warrants for her arrest.

At 2:34 a.m., police saw Scott's vehicle at SuperAmerica, in the 6400 block of Lake Road Terrace, and upon her arrest, she dropped a glass bubble pipe.

Officers found small plastic baggies, steel wool that can be used for injecting narcotics, cotton balls, and hypodermic needles—one of which contained a "red clear liquid" that tested positive for methamphetamine, police wrote.

Scott has a previous conviction for fifth-degree controlled substance in Dakota County.