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Police report: Citing 16 underage drinkers, shooing away bounty hunters, carelessly driving in front of dad's former workplace

Note: This is a sample of recent incidents involving the Woodbury police. All subjects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

At Ridge Park, where drug activity was reported, police met a man and woman. At 9:32 p.m. Sept. 15, a smell of marijuana was in the air, but the two cooperative people in the park were not suspects. They said that three juveniles had been smoking before leaving in a black car.

A head-on collision occurred at 6:03 p.m. Sept. 16, near the intersection of Valley Creek Road and Queens Drive. A Mora, Minn., man was cited for failure to stop at a red light after a Woodbury woman was injured in the accident and transported to the hospital by Woodbury Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Both vehicles were towed.

On Sept. 16, a woman in a wheelchair was reportedly bothering customers and asking for money at SuperAmerica. Police told her to leave. 

Police responded to the Red Roof Inn for a report of drug activity on Sept. 17. A gray van appeared to be selling drugs, the complainant told police.

On Sept. 18, near the intersection of Hargis Parkway and Pioneer Drive, by East Ridge High School, police cited a 16-year-old driver from Cottage Grove for careless driving. Speeding in his father’s 2001 Ford Escape, the driver entered the roundabout going clockwise — the wrong way — and then losing traction as he exited the roundabout. The vehicle went onto the raised median, struck a traffic sign (severing the sign at its base), blew a front tire and rolled to a stop in some adjacent brush. The incident was recorded on a squad car camera. The uninjured teenager told police he lost control due to slippering conditions. His father, a former employee at the school, arrived on scene to assist with the flat tire.

Police were called to a birthday party in the 1700 block of Century Circle on Sept. 19. Occupants of an apartment were advised of a noise complaint. Although the complainant alleged marijuana use at the apartment, police found no such evidence. 

Sixteen juveniles were cited for underage alcohol consumption at 2:09 a.m. Sept. 19, along Canterbury Circle. Police were called to the scene for a girl to be transported to the hospital for extreme intoxication, and the house was cleared. Several juveniles ran, but only one got away, according to police, who detained the children as they went in or out of the residence.

A Northfield, Minn., man cried Sept. 20 after he was kicked out of Cowboy Jack’s for an unknown reason. Police noted he seemed intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was transported to Ramsey County Detox Center in St. Paul, didn’t want to be there, wasn’t following directions, was released to Woodbury police, and was transported to Regions Hospital.

On Sept. 21, someone turned in $150 they found at Ojibway Park, near Woodbury High School. The money was found on the ground in the parking lot next to the patio by the skate park.

At 5:41 p.m. Sept. 21, police responded to suspicious activity along Waterfront Drive, near Powers Lake. A man in his 20s was going door to door asking people if they have alarm systems and if they are still working. He was on foot, headed in an unknown direction.

Woodbury Public Safety responded to assist with traffic control at 5:56 p.m. Sept. 21 near the intersection of Interstate 94 and Woodbury Drive after a black sports-utility vehicle rolled over. It was unknown if there were injuries, but the Minnesota State Patrol wrote the accident report. 

On Sept. 21, bounty hunters, armed with tactical gear and guns, went to Cowboy Jack’s demanding to know the location of a man they said had a warrant out for his arrest. Staff felt uncomfortable and asked the bond agents to leave and not return. Police contacted them and received an apology.