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Police catch Woodbury man with BB gun, Xanax

Jonathan Andre Almazo-Villanueva, 21, of Woodbury faces felony drug charges after police responded to a reported disturbance but instead found Xanax, Alprazolam (generic Xanax) and marijuana.  

An omnibus hearing regarding one count of fifth-degree drug possession against Almazo-Villanueva is scheduled for late next month.

According to the complaint:

On July 26, a dispatcher sent officers to the 7600 block of Dunmore Road in Woodbury for reported threats with a gun.

The suspect, Almazo-Villanueva, was a passenger in a vehicle that police stopped near the intersection of Afton Road and Tower Drive, where the vehicle was found to have a strong odor of marijuana. 

Almazo-Villanueva also smelled like marijuana. 

He told police that a drugs and a BB gun were in the vehicle. 

The BB gun and metal BBs was on the passenger’s side of the car.

In a Nike bag on the floor police found a baggie of marijuana, four pills of Alprazolam and two pills of Xanax. 

In the glovebox was a silver grinder and pipe containing burnt marijuana residue.

The man told police he knew it was illegal to possess Xanax without a prescription.

Almazo-Villanueva and his girlfriend went to the house along Dunmore to confront a man with which he had a prior dispute. Almazo-Villanueva said he stayed in the car, while the girlfriend entered. They left when police were called. And police saw the car leaving.