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24-year-old charged with writing a check to himself for $375

Nickoli Benjamin Kreiger, 24, of Grant was issued a notice of hearing this month for review of felony charges against him in Washington County District Court. 

One count of check forgery with intent to defraud stems from an incident in Woodbury. 

The hearing is scheduled for November.

According to the complaint:

On July 27, Kreiger first tried to open a checking account at a bank in the 7500 block of Currell Blvd. and then decided he only wanted to cash a check in the amount of $375. 

The bank manager contacted the supposed check writer, who said she never authorized a $375 check to be written to Kreiger. Four checks had been stolen from her checkbook, which was located on the front passenger seat of her car.

Check fraud in progress was reported to police, then staff tried to stall Kreiger, who gave his fingerprint for the back of the check per bank policy before eventually standing up and leaving. 

Woodbury police stopped him in the parking lot.