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Motorcyclist escapes at 123 mph, only to be spotted at truck stop

A Brooklyn Park man faces one felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle. 

Busuri Busuri, 26, appeared in Washington County District Court on July 22 and is due back Sept. 16.

According to the complaint:

On May 25, a group of motorcycles was speeding and passing other vehicles on the shoulder, while traveling on eastbound Interstate 94, near Manning Avenue in Woodbury.

Minnesota State Patrol saw the motorcycles and knew they were traveling at a high rate of speed. After observing multiple moving violations, the state trooper initiated a traffic stop by activating lights and sirens.

Busuri Busuri accelerated to a speed of 123 mph, entered Wisconsin, and was advised to discontinue the pursuit. He was wearing a bright red T-shirt and a silver helmet, while riding a silver motorcycle.

A police officer in Roberts, Wis., though, located the defendant’s motorcycle at Flying J and dispatch advised the state patrol.

The trooper showed up at the truckstop, 19 miles east of Woodbury, and located the defendant.