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Woman gets extended probation for passing forged check in town

A Mounds View woman went to Washington County jail for 39 days and the length of a her probation was extended through 2018. 

In 2013, Phang Nhia Yang Xiong, 34, was convicted of felony check forgery stemming from an incident at the Woodbury Walmart. Washington County District Court granted a stay of imposition.

The court found Xiong possessed a forged check with intent to defraud in Aug. 3, 2012, but while the check she passed had the correct bank account and routing numbers for the business, the check number had too many digits, the company name was spelled wrong, an authorized signature was forged, and the paper of the check appeared to be the wrong color.

On July 16, the case was reviewed due to a probation violation and Xiong was sentenced to another three years of Washington County Community Corrections supervision.