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Pain pill addict convicted of two felonies

A Farmington man accused of two counts of securing Vicadin via fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or subterfuge was sentenced to 60 days in the Washington County jail. 

Michael Shawn Sheire, 40, pleaded guilty in Washington County District Court to the fifth-degree procurement, possession or control of drugs by fraud or deceit. He also pleaded guilty to aggravated forgery.

According to the court complaint:

On Sept. 19, 2013, Sheire complained of tooth pain at a dentist who offices in the 500 block of Bielenberg Drive, where he obtained a prescription with expired insurance. On the same day, he filled the prescription at another business in Woodbury.

On Sept. 21, the pharmacist at a business in Apple Valley failed to fill Sheire's prescription for Vicadin because the customer was flagged as a drug seeker.

On Sept. 24, another dentist, who offices in the 2700 block of Currell Blvd., reported a patient complaining of tooth pain who presented expired insurance. It was Sheire. He again received a prescription for Vicadin, which was fulfilled by his wife at a business in Apple Valley. On Sept. 25, in an after-hours call to the dentist about a cracked or chipped tooth, Sheire asked for pain medication for his mother. After the dentist phoned in a prescription for Vicadin to a Apple Valley pharmacy, the dentist realized that the Sept. 24 and Sept. 25 calls came from the same phone number.

Sheire's mother, with whom Sheire and his wife live, told police she has no tooth issues for which she would need Vicadin, and when she needs dental work, she goes to Burnsville.

When officers spoke with Sheire, he admitted going to multiple dentists for prescriptions, having his wife purchase Vicadin in his mother's name, and being addicted to pain pills.

For the drug conviction, Sheire began supervised probation in late April, after serving 60 days in jail. 

For forgery, he received credit for 63 days spent in jail. His one year, one day prison sentence was stayed for 10 years, subject to compliance with the terms of his probation.