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Woodbury police reports: thefts, suspicious activity, leash law violation and more

Police were called Jan. 29 for a theft at the Chimney Pros, 6033 Hudson Road. The complainant told police a video camera had been stolen from a work van. 

A complainant called police Jan. 29 after a man had knocked on her door twice – once at 12:45 a.m. and once at 1:20 a.m. The complainant stated that she did not feel comfortable answering the door given that the unknown individual did not appear to go or come from any other residence in the area. Police checked the area but did not find anything. 

 Police responded to a neighbor complaint on Jan. 29. The complainant informed police that their neighbor’s ex-husband would frequently violate the city’s leash law, while the neighbor was at work, by letting dogs wander around the complainant’s yard. Additionally, the complainant stated the neighbor’s ex-husband would refuse to pick up after the dogs. Police contacted the complainant’s neighbor, who said she was not aware that this was occurring and that she would speak with her ex-husband and her neighbors. 

Police were called Jan. 29 about a telephone scam. The complainant reported that she had been called by someone claiming to be officer John Harris with the Woodbury Police Department. The person then told the complainant she needed to call the FBI because she had committed a federal crime. The caller identified himself as Michael Washington and provided the complainant with a phone number. Police contacted “Michael Washington” posing as the complainant. Washington informed police that they had committed a federal offense and upon pressing for more information, Washington asked if the officer had a lawyer and threatened to have local authorities arrest them. After informing Washington that he was speaking to a Woodbury officer, he hung up the phone. After calling back a second time, Washington informed the police officer the he was an IRS agent with the Federal Crime Department in New York City. Washington again hung up. Police determined that the call was a phone scam to acquire credit card or other personal information. The complainant had not provided any personal information. 

Police were called to the Cowboy Jack’s parking lot, 1690 Woodlane Dr., for a male slumped over in a running car. Police attempted to wake the driver before shutting off the vehicle and removing keys from the vehicle. Once the driver awoke, he was belligerent and confrontational. The man admitted to drinking alcohol, but could not say how much. The driver was charged with fourth degree DWI with a blood alcohol level of 0.19. 

Police were called Jan. 30 for second-degree burglary. During the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. a number of items were taken from a residence on Lake Road. Items stolen included: miscellaneous jewelry, vehicle keys, home keys, a 50 inch Samsung television worth $500 and a pair of diamond earrings, a $700 value. It appeared that a suspect entered the house through a side door by prying it open. A large window facing the back yard was broken. No footprints or fingerprints could be found at the site. \

Police responded to a theft report on Jan. 31. A complainant informed police that she had noticed that her snowblower had gone missing from the garage. Upon further investigation, police found the snowblower in the garage next to the lawn mower, where it was supposed to be. 

Police responded to a theft report on Feb. 1. A complainant stated that two snowboards, valued at $400 and $650, were taken from the garage at a residence on Frontier Drive. The complainant said he no longer resides at the residence, but does have property in the garage. The complainant said he was tasked with watching the dogs while the homeowner was out town, which is when he noticed that the snowboards were missing.

 Police responded to a report of drunk patrons on Feb. 2 at Tavern Grill, 772 Bielenberg Drive. Upon arrival, police were informed by employees that they were not aware of any disturbances or who might have called. Police did see a group of patrons being picked up by a sober adult.

Police responded to a threat report on Feb. 3 at the YMCA of Woodbury, 2175 Radio Drive. The complainant informed police that a former employee was making threats after being fired, which caused the complainant to be concern of his safety. 

Police responded to a theft report Jan. 20 at a residence on Oak Grove Circle. The complainant told police that she was missing a necklace from her home. Complainant said that the cleaning person was the only one to have access to the house. 

 Police responded to an animal complaint on Feb. 3. A complainant reported a dog bite that had occurred on the walking paths behind Red Rock Elementary, 3311 Commonwealth Ave. The complainant said he was running with his dog when a pit bull, off the leash, came running toward him and began fighting with his dog. The man said the dog sustained no injuries, except for the loss of a small patch of fur. Two people got out of a nearby vehicle to grab the pit bull and then drove away. 

Police responded to a theft report Feb. 3 at Premier Bank, 10240 Hudson Road. The complainant told police that the suspect had been terminated following a theft of $5,000 over the course of a month. Complainant later informed police that the money had been returned by the suspect’s grandmother. The complainant said they no longer wished to move forward with criminal charges. 

Police responded to a theft report on Feb. 3 at Francesca’s Collection, 9020 Hudson Road. A complainant told police that two phones, owned by employees, had been stolen. The phones stolen were a black LG Nexus, valued at $500, and an iPhone 5, valued at $600. The suspect diverted employee attention to an area where water had been spilled before asking to throw something away behind the counter, where the suspect grabbed the phones and left the store.

Amber Kispert-Smith

Amber Kispert-Smith has been the schools and Afton reporter at the Woodbury Bulletin since 2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. She previously worked as a reporter for Press Publications in White Bear Lake.

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