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Police report: gym stalker, drunk student, gift card fraud

A resident in the 2300 block of Cypress Drive reported Sept. 4 that someone siphoned about $30 worth of gas from his vehicle. No suspects.

Police were called Sept. 4 to Behavior Health Services, 7616 Currell Blvd., for a suspicious activity report. A man there said he was at the facility to visit his therapist when he drank coffee from a tray in the waiting area. While drinking the coffee, a female removed the tray, causing the man to be fearful of what the coffee may have contained and suspicious that the tray had first been provided by another client. The man phoned police after a query with the facility’s director left him unsatisfied. Police determined no criminal activity occurred and that the coffee had been provided by an employee. The man sought to apologize to the director afterward.

A woman at the Minnesota School of Cosmetology on Weir Drive reported Sept. 6 that her wedding ring was lost in the parking lot and couldn’t be found. Loss: $800.

Workers at Xperience Fitness reported Sept. 6 that a man was trespassing at the business. A Woodbury resident at the gym said she was recently in a relationship with the man, a Cottage Grove resident, but his wife found out about it. Since then, the man had not left the Woodbury woman alone. The Woodbury woman was in the process of obtaining a no contact order against the man, who was trespassed from Xperience Fitness for the second time.

Police were waved down Sept. 7 outside Victoria’s Secret, 9020 Hudson Road, for suspicious people inside the store. The suspects, all women, had also been to Children’s Place and The Gap, according to security staff. Police stopped vehicles containing the three women and searched the vehicles. More than $660 in stolen merchandise was recovered. A Minneapolis woman and a Brooklyn Park woman were cited for shoplifting.

Officers responded Sept. 7 to Lydia Lane for a report of a man being chased by a dog. The dog reportedly followed the man into a home through a door that had been left open. Police checked the home and found no signs of forced entry or the homeowner.

A witness reported seeing a man shoving a small girl into a vehicle parked Sept. 8 outside Target on Valley Creek Plaza. Police located the vehicle and the man, who said the girl was his autistic daughter who was having an episode.

An officer on patrol Sept. 9 on Manning Avenue located a stopped vehicle with license plates that were listed as stolen. The man said his girlfriend had recently bought the vehicle from someone in River Falls, Wis. The seller provided Wisconsin license plates that were not registered to the vehicle. The officer determined the vehicle had not been stolen, and that the license plate happened to match stolen plates for a vehicle from Iowa. The officer later helped the man with his vehicle, which had run out of gas.

An officer was flagged down Sept. 9 by a woman who witnessed suspicious behavior at St. Johns Drive and Ironwood Parkway. The woman said a man was walking around as if he was marching in a military formation while following a group of boys out walking a dog. Unprovoked, the man walked up and kicked the dog in the face, causing it to yelp. The man, described as wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt, ball cap and shorts, fled on foot after the assault. The man was seen regularly between noon and 5 p.m.

A worker at Walmart reported Sept. 3 that an unruly customer was upset and refusing to leave the store. The woman was trying to return baby formula without a receipt, which workers refused to accept due to health concerns over the food product. The officer spoke with the woman, a White Bear Lake resident, who said she had purchased the formula before her child’s birth only to learn later that the baby wouldn’t take it. The woman said she would complain to someone higher up at Walmart and left.

Police were called Sept. 7 to Country Inn & Suites for a fight occurring in the parking lot. Police determined it was friends goofing around after returning from a wedding.

A resident in the 1600 block of Thornhill Lane reported Sept. 11 that a $150 mountain bike was stolen from his garage.

Police responded Sept. 13 to Goodwill, 10450 Hudson Road, for a theft report. A Somerset, Wis., woman came out of the store to find a man attempting to enter her vehicle with a “slim Jim” device. The suspect said the vehicle belonged to his sister, who had locked her keys in the car. He then fled on foot toward Walmart and disappeared in a weeded area.

A Woodbury man reported a burglary Sept. 13. The side door of the residence had been kicked in and numerous belongings, including a $400 television, were reported missing. No suspects.

An officer on patrol Sept. 13 at the Woodbury High School football game was notified by event staff that a student showed signs of drunkenness. The officer located the student, who smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking rum before the game. The student, who attends East Ridge High School, showed the officer the bottle from which he had been drinking that was inside his vehicle. The student, whose blood-alcohol content was 0.11, was cooperative with the officer and dumped out the remaining rum from the bottle. He received a Youth Service Bureau referral.

Police were called Sept. 14 to a residence on Falstaff Road for a medical involving a 21-year-old man who was not alert. Investigation of the incident revealed the patient had been punched after breaking into the home. Neither the patient nor the resident sought police intervention.

A juvenile from Woodbury sought out police about an assault that occurred after she snuck out of her house at 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 14. She provided few details and was advised to call back if she wanted to file a formal report.

Police were called Sept. 15 to Woodbury 10 Theater for a report of 40 juveniles in the parking lot yelling at each other. The group had dispersed by the time police arrived.

A YMCA member reported Sept. 17 that his wallet was stolen from the men’s locker room. Credit cards from the wallet were later used fraudulently at Oakdale stores, including a $1,500 purchase at Kmart.

A South St. Paul woman reported Sept. 18 that his vehicle’s license plates were stolen while parked at the Woodbury Theater park-and-ride. The thief also made off with the license plate screws.

Police responded Sept. 19 to Walmart, 10240 Hudson Road, for a financial card fraud report. Workers there reported suspicious activity after a Bronx, N.Y., man attempted buying three iPads with multiple credits that were getting declined. A transaction was eventually accepted and a Woodbury officer conducted a traffic stop after the man left the store. A search of the New York man’s vehicle turned up 29 fraudulent credit cards in his name and 44 more fraudulent cards, all registered to “Alicia Smith.” One of those cards had been used to buy the iPads. The man was arrested and jailed on suspicion of financial card fraud.

Police were called Sept. 19 to Carver Lake Park, 3175 Century Ave., for a report of juveniles acting out of control. The complainant said four people appeared to be intoxicated. One of the people was spotted urinating in the parking lot. An officer determined the people – three Woodbury adult males and an adult Cottage Grove female – were not drunk. Members of the group were told to “conduct themselves appropriately.”

An Oakdale motorist reported Sept. 20 that another motorist at Radio Drive and Woodbury Lakes Road ran a stop sign and made an obscene gesture. Police couldn’t find the vehicle.

Officers on patrol Sept. 20 at the East Ridge High School football game were notified of a male who smelled like alcohol vomiting in the men’s restroom. Police found the male, a Cottage Grove resident, unable to stand and smelling strongly of an alcoholic drink. The youth’s preliminary breath test indicated a 0.14 blood-alcohol content. The boy, who was described as cooperative and apologetic, was released to his mother and given a Youth Service Bureau referral. The same night officers were alerted to another youth who appeared to be drunk. This student, also a Cottage Grove resident, told police he drank a liquid from a Coke bottle that he thought tasted “strange.” Police said he had a hard time walking and also smelled of booze. His preliminary breath test indicated a 0.10 blood-alcohol content. The boy, who was described as cooperative and apologetic, was released to his mother, who requested the boy be given 40 hours of community service for the offense. A Youth Service Bureau referral was ordered.

Police were called Sept. 20 to an Afton residence for a shooting complaint. A resident there said he was driving up his driveway when he heard a loud “boom” that was followed by his driver’s side window shattering. The man was bleeding from the face due to glass. Other agencies responded.

A Woodbury man was found taking rock Sept. 20 from empty property lots near Sandcastle Drive and Pleasant Lake Drive. The man told police he thought he had permission to take the rock, “but couldn’t say for sure.” He was advised to check with the development first.

Officers were called Sept. 21 to SuperTarget, 449 Commerce Drive, for an unruly customer. The suspect was with others who Target workers suspected to be part of a gift-card fraud racket. In the so-called “60-40” scam, the suspects buy items with coupons and pay with cash and gift cards. They then return the items and get the full cash value back. The suspect, who did not have a permanent address, but was accompanied by other suspects from Las Vegas, Nev., became upset and created a scene after being told he would only get a gift card for his return. The three men were trespassed from the store.

A Woodbury man reported Sept. 21 that his vehicle had been stolen from the Cowboy Jack’s parking lot, 1690 Woodlane Drive. Police located the vehicle in the lot and noted it had frost forming on its windows.

A Woodbury woman called for help Sept. 21, saying she was being pursued by bees at Ojibway Park. An officer met the woman, who said she is very afraid of bees. The insects had stopped following her by the time police arrived. No further assistance was sought.

A Woodbury resident reported a possible intruder on Sept. 22. A woman at the home said she heard the service door on her garage opening and closing. Police found no sign of forced entry or any disturbance, but did note the service door was unlocked.

An anonymous caller reported Sept. 22 that a Woodbury man who was ordered by the courts to abstain from alcohol was at a Vikings game in Minneapolis with his daughter. The caller was unsure whether the man was actually drinking. The caller was told he could contact Minneapolis police and was reminded the court order was civil, not criminal, in nature.

Officers responded Sept. 23 to Woodbury High School for a student barricaded in a staff bathroom. The boy, a sophomore, eventually came out when his father arrived. The boy, who had “a very poor attitude,” admitted to drinking. A test revealed a 0.05 blood-alcohol content. The student was given a Youth Service Bureau referral.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.