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Daily jail bookings for Tuesday

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the following people were booked into the Washington County Jail between 7 a.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday:

Joseph S. Anderson, 24, of Cottage Grove, arrested at 98th Street and Mississippi Dunes Boulevard in Cottage Grove on charges of second-degree DWI.

Nycole M. Folsom, 19, of Woodbury, Arrested at Jamaica Avenue and East Point Douglas Road in Cottage Grove on charges of a traffic violation and crimes against public order.

Rogelio Frias, 51, of Cottage Grove, booked on a traffic charge.

David G. Larson, 26, of Woodbury, booked on a charge of selling to or procuring liquor for a minor.

Shane H. Nelson, 38, of Woodbury, transferred from Regions Hospital on charges of making terroristic threats.

Jack E. Rogers, 50, of Woodbury, arrested in the 6700 block of Sherwood Road in Woodbury on traffic and third-degree DWI charges.

Andreas A. Sanders, 19, of Woodbury, arrested in the 800 block of Bielenberg Drive, arrested on traffic and disorderly conduct charges.

Ollie L.A. Smith, Jr., 37, of Cottage Grove, arrested on a third-degree DWI charge.

Richard L. Steward, 30, of Cottage Grove, arrested at 70th Street and Hinton Avenue on a traffic charge.