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For Thrivent Financial, it's more than money

Thrivent Financial East Metro Financial Team takes part in community events, including a Feed My Starving Children meal-packing event. Submitted photo1 / 2
Thrivent Financial East Metro Financial Team is located at 707 Bielenberg Drive, Suite 102, Woodbury. Submitted photo2 / 2

Thrivent Financial is a financial services organization that has been a very important part of the Woodbury community.

Chad Broberg is a wealth advisor at Thrivent Financial and also head of the East Metro Financial Team. Together they are dedicated wholeheartedly to the financial well-being of Woodbury area residents. However, finance management is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the services that this organization provides.

According to Broberg, his focus on Woodbury extends beyond his occupation. As a husband, father of three and a resident, he has a personal connection to the city.

"I grew up not too far from here, I've seen [Woodbury] grow and felt like the community is one I wanted to ultimately have my practice in," he said. Broberg started with Thrivent Financial in 2001 and opened an office for his own practice in 2014.

Chad Broberg leads the Thrivent Financial East Metro Financial Team. Submitted photoFounded on Christian principles, Thrivent Financial has continued to hold tight to its moral values and displays much of its faith-inspired programming through numerous philanthropic efforts.

Thrivent Choice, for instance, allows members to direct a portion of Thrivent's money to almost any nonprofit organization of their choice. Another program, Thrivent Action Team, contributes funds toward two service projects a year per participant.

"Thrivent gives them a number of materials as a well as a $250 gift card that they can use toward other materials or seed money," Broberg said.

There is also Thrivent Builds, the name of the partnership Thrivent Financial has forged with Habitat for Humanity.

"We are the largest partner they've ever had from a financial standpoint," Broberg said. These are just a few of the many service efforts carried out by Thrivent.

Giving has always been at the core of Thrivent Financial's mission. In the early 1900s the Aid Association of Lutherans, a fraternal benefits society, was chartered. AAL later joined forces with another like-minded organization, the Lutheran Brotherhood, and thus was born Thrivent Financial.

What makes Thrivent Financial so special is not just their giving but the encouragement and access they provide for their clients in Woodbury to give.

"Our goal for Thrivent and also for the team and myself, is to help people be wise with their money so they can lead their lives more generously," Broberg said. "When I looked at other financial organizations the thing that was always different is that it was more than just money."

Thrivent Financial is not only involved with service projects but they also fund many community initiatives including the annual Chili Hubbub fundraiser and partnerships with Woodbury's YMCA and Merrill Arts Center to raise money for LIVESTRONG, an organization empowering individuals affected by cancer.

Broberg is enthusiastic about the services his team provides. He said the values of Thrivent Financial are well-known and have been established inevitably as a part the brand. But he puts a special emphasis on the personal commitment from himself and each member of East Metro Financial Team.

"For our team it's important for us to have an impact at a local level, we want to help our clients make financial decisions but we want to go beyond that. To us it's more than just money; money is just a tool," Broberg said.