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Woodbury to take over Central Park food service

Angelina's in the Park. File photo

With significant renovations on the horizon for Woodbury’s Central Park, the city will be the park’s food provider starting this month.

The city’s parks and recreation department will take over food service operations at Central Park, following the Woodbury City Council's approval April 19.

The city considered finding a private vendor to operate the small restaurant, following Angelina’s in Park's departure this year.

Re-named the Café at Central Park, the restaurant will have a similar menu with Jerry’s Foods providing grab-and-go options, like deli sandwiches and salads. Green Mill will supply pizza.

Angelina's in the Park operated the cafe for nearly three years but terminated its lease last December. Angela Verrastro, the café's owner and owner of Angelina’s Kitchen, said she wanted to focus on expanding her main restaurant along Eagle Creek Lane.

The early lease termination and significant changes coming to the indoor park were factors in the wanting to take over the cafe rather than leasing the space to a private vendor, city staffers said in a memo to council.

City staff also worked with Angelina’s in the Park in acquiring much of the restaurant’s equipment, the memo said. It noted the city also provides food and concessions at Bielenberg Sports Center.

The city will also move $96,000 from a general recreation fund to cover for the café’s start-up costs. Part-time employee salaries, food, beverages and supplies accounted for the majority of the expenses.

The city anticipates the café could open as early as April 30.