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Ride-booking competition revs up in Woodbury

Lyft, the ridesharing service, began servicing Woodbury Feb. 13, 2017. (Photo courtesy of HJ Harley)

The ride-booking service Lyft is now servicing Woodbury.

HJ Harley, a Woodbury author and Lyft driver, has been pushing the company to service rides from Woodbury to other parts of the Twin Cities. On Monday, the company began allowing her to cover the area.

Prior to Lyft servicing the city, customers were only able to hail a ride coming back from certain parts of the Twin Cities to Woodbury, Harley said.

"This is especially great for the elderly who rely on expensive cab rides to and from appointments or stores," she said.

Since Monday, Harley said she has had steady ride requests in Woodbury.

Uber, Lyft's largest competitor, also offers ride-booking services in Woodbury.