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Costco project is happening, following months-long delays

After months of delays and setbacks, Costco is moving ahead with its Woodbury project.

The national warehouse retailer announced plans in December to build a store of about 163,500 square feet northeast of the intersection of Tamarack Road and Weir Drive and hoped to complete construction this fall. But Costco needed to revise its plan after a local watershed district determined the store would have an impact on nearby wetlands.

The Ramsey-Washington Watershed District met with Costco earlier this year and recommended the store could minimize wetland impact by reducing the store's size, building a parking ramp, eliminating a gas station and reducing stormwater management areas.

Costco said these changes would not work with its stores' designs and adding things like an underground filtration systems were too expensive.

In its revised application, Costco re-oriented the store from the east side of the site to the west side in order to reduce wetland impact, Senior City Planner Eric Searles said.

Searles added that Costco did not change the store's size and will still have a tire center and a gas station.

In anticipation of Costco's construction, Searles said his department has received numerous calls from residents in recent months about the project's timing.

Like any development project in Woodbury, Costco still has a few hoops to jump through before breaking ground on its 11th Minnesota location.

The Woodbury Planning Commission will review Costco's application at its next meeting, scheduled for Aug. 29.

The Woodbury City Council will review the project at its Sept. 7 meeting and will hold a public hearing that evening.

"Residents are encouraged to attend planning commission and council meetings to provide feedback on the project," Searles said.