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Summit Orthopedics opens at Bielenberg Sports Center

Summit Orthopedics staff worked throughout the weekend in anticipation for Monday's for the clinic's opening on Aug. 1 at the Bielenberg Sports Complex in Woodbury. (Bulletin photo by Youssef Rddad)

After much anticipation, Summit Orthopedics opened its new Woodbury clinic at the Bielenberg Sports Center (BSC) on Monday.

Summit Orthopedics staff worked throughout the weekend putting the final touches on its new two-story, 7,250-square-foot clinic at the sports center. The clinic will offer cares for sports-related rehabilitation, physician appointments and wellness courses.

The first floor has several pieces exercise equipment and is where rehabilitation specialist and nutritionists will work. The area near the main entrance also has a small retail space that sells compression bands, tape and other athletics supplies.

Among the rehabilitation equipment includes an anti-gravity treadmill, which allows users to simulate a decrease in body weight while they run. The purpose of the machine is to allow patients to build strength and get a cardio workout if, for example, they cannot stand under their weight, said Summit Orthopedics CEO Adam Berry.

“We have a lot of different therapies to help people get back to their lives,” Berry said.

He added that the clinic won’t only provide care for young athletes but also for senior adults and people with ailments like arthritis as well.

“They have their activities, and they don't want to be suffering," he said.

The top floor includes 10 traditional clinic rooms where eight to 12 physicians will work.

Summit Orthopedics also has a location on Woodwinds Drive, and Berry said patients who’ve undergone surgery may be referred to the BSC location if they need additional physical therapy and vice versa. 

After years of uncertainty about who would occupy the space, Woodbury city officials expressed a sense of relief when Summit Orthopedics signed its lease in December.

Minnesota United FC originally planned to move into BSC, but the pro soccer club backed out in 2014 after spending almost $1 million in upgrading the space. United FC said the space was too small before opting out of its lease.

The same year, plans for a $1.3 million restaurant in the fieldhouse also fell through.

Overall, Berry said the clinic cost about $5 million and was just “piles of dirt” before renovations began.

Since announcing its moving in to the sports center, Summit Orthopedics has been active in the Woodbury community.

Berry said the clinic also plans to host sports-related training, such as strength or agility exercises, as part of its agreement to supply trainers to all three District 833 high schools.

Summit is providing free 30-minute consultations for the public to help people create a plan for their health, nutrition or physical fitness goals.

The large windows of the new location look out onto the fieldhouse and the green space around the sports center. The clinic is also located near Madison’s Place Playground, which the organization gave $100,000 when the playground was being built.

The group also pledged yearly $50,000 donations for wellness initiatives throughout Woodbury.

"We always say we're the key physicians for the family, so we really want to have that integration with the family,” Berry said.