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Any day is a good day for golf

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At 11:30 a.m., at the sound of the shotgun, 90 golfers started their rounds. Just a typical day at Oak Marsh Golf Course in Oakdale.

Except it was the first full week of December!

At 3:30 p.m. last Friday, upon the completion of some players' spontaneous rounds, it was 38 degrees, with 79 percent humidity, southeastern wind of 10 mph, and a windchill of 31. This just goes to prove that any day is a good day for golf.

Choice weather or not, Steve Sullivan of North Branch said, "it's just nice to get out."

Many golfers paired up with whoever else showed up at the course for the shotgun start, creating a foursome for the day.

Some golfers hoped out loud not to see their photos on the front page, because they, who shall remain nameless, were admittedly supposed to be at work.

Former East Ridge High School golfer Andriel Aimua would like the golf course to be her workplace. Last week, she and her father were working on chipping at Oak Marsh.

Christopher Aimua shot video of his daughter so that they could send the clips to a golf pro in Omaha, Neb., who works with professional golfers. She has been trying to make chipping a stronger part of her game.

"She's a hard worker," Christopher Aimua said last Friday. "Yesterday, we were here in the rain."

With snow and rain predicted for this week, the forecast was looking grim for diehard golfers. That's why they came from as far away as Paynesville, Minn., to capitalize on the opportunity to get in one last round.

In the parking lot, there were high fives.

And in the hearts of those in the pro shop was a wish for one more week of warm-for-December weather.

Oak Marsh will stay open as long as there's no snow.

"Can you say Godzilla ElNinio," tweeted general manager and director of golf Steve Whillock.

Oak Marsh Golf Course is located at 526 Inwood Ave. N. in Oakdale. For more information, go to or @SteveWhillock on Twitter, or call (651) 730-8886.