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Woodbury doctor reprimanded by state board

The Minnesota Board of Medical Practice took action this month against a Woodbury doctor accused of professional misconduct.

According to a news release, the board took action Jan. 11 against Dr. Kevin C. Nepsund. The board placed conditions on his license to practice as reprimand for unprofessional conduct and prescribing a drug for other than medically accepted purposes, according to the release.

The release does not state where Nepsund currently practices.

Conditions of Nepsund’s punishment call for him to read the board’s policy for pain control and a book that addresses responsible opioid prescribing. Additional conditions include attending courses on chronic pain management and chemical dependency awareness, which must be followed up with an audit of his prescribing practices.

In addition to other protocol requirements – and a $1,200 fine – Nespund must also submit a narcotics agreement to be used with all chronic pain patients.

Nepsund would be eligible to petition for an unconditional license after completing terms of the board’s reprimand.