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Bailey Elementary students temporarily evacuated; incident benign

A Woodbury firefighter climbs to the roof of Bailey Elementary to inspect a suspicious smell. Bulletin photo by Mike Longaecker1 / 2
Woodbury firefighters scaled the Bailey Elementary roof in search of the source of a suspicious smell detected Wednesday at the school. Bulletin photo by Mike Longaecker2 / 2

Bailey Elementary students were hustled outdoors Wednesday while firefighters investigated a suspicious smell.

The odor, firefighters later learned, stemmed from a slipping belt located in the building's heating and ventilation equipment. There was no fire, but Woodbury safety officer Scott Tenner said precautions - which included the temporary evacuation of students and a heavy response from firefighters - were appropriate.

"Better safe than sorry," he said.

Students, who district officials said were first taken outside before being moved to the school gymnasium, returned to class after an all-clear announcement was issued.