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UPDATE: Rising flood waters could knock Stillwater bridge out of service

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for St. Croix County, due to rising waters on the St. Croix River.

The warning, issued Thursday, impacts St. Croix and Pierce counties in Wisconsin, and Washington County in Minnesota.

The flood warning, which is in effect until further notice, noted that flood stage on the St. Croix River is 87 feet, and the use of the Stillwater bridge could be stopped if water reaches 88 feet. The last time the bridge was closed due to high water was 2001.

The water level as of Thursday morning was 83.55 feet.

Forecasters predict that the river could hit flood stage by early Tuesday afternoon, March 23. The river will likely continue to rise, they claim, until it approaches its possible crest on Thursday morning, March 25. Officials say the river may crest even higher than the 87.6 feet currently predicted. If that happens, the flooding levels would become the seventh highest in recorded history.

The warning also applied to the Mississippi River near Hastings, Minn. and Prescott. Forecasted flooding was upgraded from moderate to "major severity" with the 11:44 a.m. announcement from the National Weather Service.

Historical Crests on the St. Croix River (according to the National Weather Service).

(1) 94.10 ft on 04/18/1965

(2) 92.30 ft on 04/27/2001

(3) 92.20 ft on 04/16/1969

(4) 91.10 ft on 04/16/2001

(5) 90.45 ft on 04/12/1997

(6) 89.70 ft on 04/14/1952

(7) 87.90 ft on 06/28/1993

(8) 87.50 ft on 04/06/1986

(9) 87.30 ft on 04/30/1975