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Washington County sees 82 percent voter turnout

Washington County had a higher voter turnout rate last week than the overall state rate.

An estimated 82.4 percent of Washington County's registered voters cast ballots in the Nov. 6 election. Statewide, about 76 percent of eligible voters went to the polls or voted absentee, according to the secretary of state's unofficial election results.

Washington County saw 172,530 total voters. Of those, 20,727 registered on Election Day, according to Carol Peterson, the county's election supervisor.

Here are turnout numbers for some south Washington County cities:

-- Woodbury: 36,780 voters (82.9 percent)

-- Cottage Grove: 19,721 voters (81.6 percent)

-- St. Paul Park: 2,834 voters (79.9 percent)

-- Newport: 1,855 voters (78.4 percent)

-Scott Wente