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Turn lanes coming for Bailey Road

Turn lanes are coming to an increasingly-busy stretch of Woodbury roadway that Washington County officials say will make for a far safer roadway.

Traffic volume has jumped along Bailey Road near the busy Bielenberg Sports Center and its 36 fields for various activities with the addition of nearby East Ridge High School just over two years ago, Washington County officials say. So, the county - responsible for the maintenance of Bailey Road, which is County Road 18 - last week awarded a bid to construct a pair of center left-turn lanes at Featherstone Drive and Bailey Ridge Drive.

"With East Ridge High School open and all the ball fields there ... this area is really intensive with visitors," Weik said.

Officials say the additions will provide for safer access to Bielenberg by cutting down on the chances of rear-end collisions and illegal passing on the shoulder of the roadway. The $413,000 project will be existing county funds and state dollars made available earlier this year.

"This is really going to be a safety improvement on Bailey Road," said county engineer Wayne Sandberg.

Construction on the turn lanes will begin this month; Bailey Road will remain open for the duration of construction in the project area between Radio Drive and Pioneer Drive.