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Close but no cigar on medallion hunt? Here's what clues meant

Now that the 2011 Woodbury Days medallion has been found, we thought we'd spell out just what the clues meant.

Let's lift the veil.

Clue No. 1

So this is where it all begins

An adventure where only the savviest wins

Woodbury Days is near and now we debate:

Just where does the medallion await?

Now's time to think

Before things get hairy

For now you must know

It's somewhere in Woodbury

Explanation: This clue gets readers on their way and reminds them that Woodbury Days is just ahead.

Clue No. 2

The medallion rests upon public land

But just where that is

Will take time to understand

Of the four points, you deserve to know which is best

Your treasure hides somewhere to the west

Explanation: Here we learn that hunters can eliminate private land from the search. "The four points" is a reference to compass points, a device that will come in handy later on. We also now know which section of the city to search.

Clue No. 3

The hunt is on as you search for a tiny trail

Search low, you win

Search high, you fail

Yes, this will be quite a ride

Keep cutting west toward a place

Where counties collide

Explanation: This clue announces several things. "Search low" indicates the medallion will be found on the ground and not suspended in an elevated location. Searchers will also know to look for a small trail once they're close. "Counties collide" is a hint that the location - Carver Lake Park - is on the border of Washington and Ramsey counties. "Cutting" was embedded as a direct and early tip-off to "Carver."

Clue No. 4

Canada's symbol guides the way

But to the other side you'll stray

Ten by ten will illuminate the dark

Make your way

To this Woodbury park

Explanation: Here, we're given a more direct clue to the park: Canada's symbol - the maple leaf - is a hint that the location will be near Maplewood, where its street signs display a maple leaf. You should stray, however, to the opposite side - Woodbury. "Ten by ten" is a mathematical reference to a simple multiplication problem: 10X10=100; one hundred=Century. This puts you on Century Avenue, which leads to the park's entrance.

Clue No. 5

You're nearer to the bounty

If you've come to a place

Sharing its name with a Minnesota county

As you enter, you'll notice some ascension

But the path to treasure won't emerge

Until you're really under high tension

Explanation: If you hadn't figured it out yet, this is an obvious clue that puts you in Carver Lake Park. (There is also a Carver, Minn., County.) "Ascension" refers to the hill you climb as you enter the park. Perhaps the most telling clue here, however, is "high tension," which refers to the high-tension power lines hanging over the parking lot: the area you'll need to be to begin the foot search.

Clue No. 6

Indeed, this will be no bore

150 acres have you to explore

If, on your way to the trail, you need a boost

Here's a little help

Don't bother searching archer's roost

Know that and you'll be fine

Go down and start under those lines

Explanation: Carver Lake Park has 150 acres, as listed on the city's website. This clue also serves to eliminate certain parts of the park - specifically, the archery range. We don't want anyone getting in the line of fire. Finally, the clue instructs you to proceed on "down" to the parking lot, where the power lines hang directly overhead.

Clue No. 7

Carver whispers, "Head east"

But so many trails requires a plan:

Make your way past fish and clam

Treasure isn't far now

Keep going forth

But at the next "T"

Choose the opposite of north

Explanation: This puts hunters heading out of the parking lot on the eastward trail. Carver has an expanded system of trails now, so "fish and clam" helps tip off savvy hunters. This was not a vague clue, though some may have thought to head toward the lake. It actually was a direct reference to images of a fish and a clam displayed on the park's playground equipment, and easily seen by walkers heading east on the trail. We also now know to continue east to the "T" intersection where we travel south. (Did you bring your compass?)

Clue No. 8

The southbound trail is your final route

Looking for last direction?

The treasure will be found

Near the next intersection

It will do you good to retrace your steps

With treasure so close

This move will be deft

Go a bit back to enter victory's mouth

Medallion awaits near small footpath

Connecting north and south

Explanation: The "next intersection" refers to the next "T" on the southbound trail. Once you reach the T, you needed to "retrace your steps," or walk backward, to the final, slightly hidden, trail. And thus the "tiny trail" first listed in clue No. 3 becomes visible (and, no, it wasn't one of the new mountain bike trails); it connects two paved trails in a "north and south" direction. The medallion was hidden about 15 to 20 feet down the tiny trail (as you travel from the southbound paved trail) and about 6 feet to the left.