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Swails: Continuing her legislative work

Rep. Marsha Swails, DFL-Woodbury, said her two terms as the House representative to 56B have been a learning experience.

"Serving in the Legislature is an opportunity to grow and expand," she said. "It is a very humbling experience to serve in the House because I'm not just a legislator representing Woodbury when I make decisions in that chamber it effects everyone throughout the state -- I don't take this job lightly."

Swails said she decided to make a run for her third term in the Legislature because she has seen great success during her last four years in terms of getting bills through.

"I'm ready to go back and continue to do good work in the future," she said.

Additionally, Swails said she has greatly enjoyed working with her colleagues.

Swails, who said she considers herself a bipartisan member of the Legislature, said she considers three bills -- Prairie St. John's Mental Health Hospital for Children and Youth, the Home Warranty Protection bill and the Collaborative Governance bill -- her greatest accomplishments in the Legislature.

In terms of the creation of Prairie St. John's Mental Health Hospital For Children and Youth, which took three years, Swails said she is very proud that now teenagers and youth have someplace to turn for help and support.

"As a teacher, I've had one too many students lost to suicide," she said. "I am so thrilled that there is now a place that is dedicated to mental health for teenagers since before there was just a void."

Swails said she is proud of the Home Warranty Protection bill because it allows homeowners an alternative to getting their homes repaired without having to go to court with a neutral panel.

Lastly, Swails said she considers her greatest accomplishment the recently passed Collaborative Governance bill since it directly helps local units of government.

"It is a mechanism for deconstructing the bureaucracies of government," she said.

The bill creates a group of local government and labor union leaders to identify ways Minnesota cities, counties and school districts can work together.

"That is an excellent, wonderful bit of legislation that is going to save our state millions of dollars," she said.

If Swails is re-elected to the Legislature, she said the issues that she wants to focus on is to continue looking for ways to collaborate, ensuring that funding is stable for the school districts, working towards achieving the achievement gap at the schools, working towards creating a deliberate pathway that education can provide to the workforce and affordable tuition

But, most importantly Swails said the biggest issues facing Minnesota is the $5.8 billion deficit.

"We can't borrow our way out of this," she said. "It is going to take a very balanced approach."

Swails said her plan for tackling the budget deficit is to look at serious tax reform and to look closely and the budget.

Swails said she hopes her experience over the past eight years has proven to citizens that she is capable of serving them.

"I understand the depth of the issues," she said. "Given the severity of what we're facing, this is not the time to be breaking people in.

"We need people in who already understand."

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