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Woodbury Community Foundation grant applications due Oct. 1

Grant applications for 2010 are due this Friday, October 1st for the Woodbury Community Foundation.

Guidelines are available to download in a Word or PDF document from our website:

The Woodbury COmmunity Foundation, which was established in 2008, is an area non-profit organization with a goal to ensure community well-being for all in Woodbury.

It's objectives include:

• Promote philanthropy to build a culture of giving within Woodbury and provide stewardship of permanent community resources.

• Build bridges between local government, non-profits and businesses.

• Provide community leadership by convening others around key topics and areas of interest (see below).

• Act as a catalyst for change to improve Woodbury and inspire and engage its citizens.

• Fund non-profits that fit our guidelines and serve our citizens.

The WCF recently moved to the Bremer Bank building on Woodbury Drive (across from Sam's Club).