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City, school district awarded

The city of Woodbury and the South Washington County School District learned that working together saves resources - and earns awards.

They will be recognized next month for their coordination at Bielenberg Sports Center and East Ridge High School. They are set to receive a local government innovation award from the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute's Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center. An award ceremony will be at 3:30 p.m. April 7 at the Humphrey Center.

The city and school district have shared-use and maintenance agreements for the facilities, minimizing duplicated staff and equipment.

"We recognize the extra work local governments are doing to balance difficult budgets during this tough economic time," said Jay Kiedrowski, Humphrey Institute senior fellow. "Therefore, the winners deserve the public's gratitude for real innovation to preserve local services while reducing costs."

Construction of the new high school adjacent Bielenberg Sports Center was an opportunity to collaborate, Mayor Bill Hargis said.

"The city and school district created a master plan to ensure site design and construction efficiencies that could not have been achieved by the two jurisdictions working independently," Hargis said.

"As a result, the amenities for students, the school district and our communities will endure for generations," added District 833 Supt. Mark Porter.