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Residents receive Service Academies nominations

Elizabeth Radzwill, right, received a nomination to a United States Service Academy from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.1 / 3
Tyler Bonfe received a nomination to United States Service Academy from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.2 / 3
Karl Grant received a nomination to aUnited States Service Academy from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.3 / 3

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) has nominated 20 Sixth District students to the United States Service Academies. On Wednesday, Feb. 17 she hosted a reception for the nominees and their families in her Woodbury district office, including Tyler Bonfe, Karl Grant and Elizabeth Radzwill, all of Woodbury.

"I am so thrilled that you have answered the call to serve our country for the next several years," Bachmann said. "Your families and friends are so proud of you, and it is my honor to be able to submit your names as the most qualified individuals from central Minnesota to serve our nation. I hope you take your studies and training very seriously, and I know that your success will be a testament to what America's future leaders will look like."

There are five Service Academies: The United States Air Force (USAFA), Naval (USNA), Military (USMA), Merchant Marine (USMMA), and Coast Guard (USCGA) Academies. Nominations from a Federal Representative or Senator are required for all but the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, to which appointments are made on the basis of an annual nationwide competition.

Students started the nomination process this fall by submitting academic scores, recommendation letters and an essay "Why I want to attend a Service Academy" to the Bachmann office, and underwent a rigorous interview with current military officers before receiving their nomination.