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Emergency crews trying to rescue man from silo

Crews try to extract a man who is pinned in a grain bin. Staff photo by Farmington Independent.

FARMINGTON, Minn. - Rescue crews are trying to save a man who got pinned by corn in a silo in Farmington.

The man, an employee of Feely's Elevator, was clearing something in the bin about 11:30 a.m. when the corn shifted and trapped the man to the south side of the structure.

Rescue crews on scene report the man has corn up to his chest. He is alive and conscious.

According to rescue personnel they are going to cut a hole into the top of the structure to get the man out. Before moving him, a paramedic will be lowered into the silo to do a health assessment. Additionally rescue workers will build a plywood barricade around the victim so if the corn does shift it won't crush him.

Farmington police and fire fighters were the first on the scene. Various other agencies have have joined in the effort to extract the man including Rosemount Fire Department, Hastings Fire Department and Dakota County Special Operations.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Courtesy the Farmington Independent, which belongs to Forum Communications, the parent company of the Woodbury Bulletin.