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Three up, three running next year for Washington County Board

Three Washington County commissioners whose terms end in 2010 will ask voters for four more years.

Commissioners Myra Peterson, Bill Pulkrabek and Lisa Weik said they will seek re-election next fall.

Peterson and Pulkrabek are County Board veterans, but Weik is just completing her first year as commissioner after winning a November 2008 special election.

Weik, who represents much of Woodbury, said she looks forward to a full, four-year term. She said she likes the variety of issues - including public health, rail and transportation - facing commissioners.

"It'd be an honor to serve another term," Weik said.

Peterson announced her re-election plans at a board meeting last week. She said she was trying to quell rumors about her future on the board.

Experience is needed on the board because commissioners will continue to grapple with the effects of a bad economy, Peterson said.

"The budget challenges are so significant," she said, adding that she also wants to continue working on transportation issues.

If the economy were in better shape, she may have retired when her term ends next year, Peterson said.

Pulkrabek said the current board members work well together. He said he wants to continue questioning spending decisions and trying to pare county government to only "good, core services."

"I'm fighting for the average taxpayer in Washington County," he said.

Peterson was first elected to the board in 1993, Pulkrabek in 1998.

Peterson's district includes Cottage Grove and southern Washington County communities. Pulkrabek's district includes a portion of Woodbury, as well as Oakdale, Lake Elmo and Landfall.

The two remaining commissioners -- Gary Kriesel and Dennis Hegberg -- have terms ending in 2012.