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Letter: Gillespie looks for support in Nov. 3 election

Gillespie: District must deliver on promises

This year our school district has experienced a plethora of changes: new school start times, changes in school boundaries, a transition from junior high schools to middle schools, the opening of a third high school, major renovations and shifts in leadership. The district has aptly deemed this a year of new beginnings. These changes were made possible by the South Washington County taxpayers. You proved your commitment to education by passing one of Minnesota's largest referendums. The district promised that as a result of this investment the quality and quantity of educational experiences for all students would improve significantly.

As a candidate for the District 833 school board, one of my primary goals as a school board member is to ensure we deliver on the promises we have made to the South Washington County community. My experiences as an education fellow, former University of Minnesota Presidential Advisory board member, PTA board member, site team member, former school board director, consultant and much more, have prepared me for this important position. I look forward to bringing a "common sense" decision-making approach to the board and working collaboratively with district administration, staff, parents and community members to ensure we fulfill our promise and our mission.

As a former school board member: My decisions were student-centered and fiscally sound. I focused on academic excellence and increased opportunities for all students. I also worked to build strong parent, teacher, and community relationships and create an environment where all felt welcomed, valued and respected.

I am seeking your vote on Nov. 3. Together we can make the ISD 833 mission: "empowering, all learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for success" a reality for every child.

Alberder Gillespie

District 833 School Board candidate