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Letter: McElwee-Stevens looks for support in Nov. 3 election

What makes me a qualified Board member? Experience: I was a school board member from 2006 to 2007. I've worked with many of our current administrators. I've advocated for education with our state legislators. I've worked with many teachers on committees and in classrooms. As a former financial and inventory accountant I have the skills required to work with district budgets. Time: Being in the classrooms, schools and community to get input from students, staff, parents and district residents is a key responsibility of a board member. As a part-time employee I have the time it takes to get to know the people who make up District 833. Volunteer: I've volunteered in the schools and community since 1994 as MOMS Club treasurer and co-president; Girl Scout leader; Boy Scout leader; Cottage Grove Athletic Association; Newport Athletic Association; Woodbury Athletic Association; Newport Parent Teacher Association president, secretary and treasurer; Woodbury Junior High School Parent Teacher Organization vice-chair and the Newport Site Team. I was on the District Site Team, communicators group, steering committee that created our district strategic plan and the middle school transition team. I am on CEAC and the East Ridge High School and Oltman Middle School site teams.

Why am I running for School Board? I am running for School Board to ensure District 833 produces well-rounded graduates. Graduates who are prepared to further their education at universities, trade schools or community colleges. Graduates who are immediately prepared to join the work force, or military. Graduates who are prepared to assume adult responsibilities. To achieve this we need district and family involvement. The district must to listen to, adapt and meld together the needs and desires of the 833 community along with the requirements specified by the Departments of Education at the state and federal level. Our families must make education a priority and encourage students to give their best and challenge themselves every day.

Katie McElwee-Stevens

District 833 School Board candidate