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Letter: Johnson looks for support in Nov. 3 election

District 833 is a great community, and we have a wealth of resources available to us. I was concerned to hear that our district is in Stage 3 Corrective Action under No Child Left Behind. Though we know the areas we need to correct to meet the minimum standards, the fact remains there are some specific student groups that are not achieving those standards. This community can do better for those students and we can raise the bar for all our kids. This is an opportunity to step back and apply more ingenuity and innovation to our biggest challenges.

We will start hearing of teacher shortages soon when Baby Boomers begin to retire. In order to continue to attract top-performing teachers and students -- who could choose to go elsewhere -- we will need to exercise visionary leadership. We will need to find new ways of delivering education to make better use of technology, responsibly maintain our marvelous facilities, include and involve parents and the community more in the education process, and set goals that are achievable, but which constantly stretch us to become better.

When budgets are pinched, it is the time to search for ways to "do more with less." It is a tremendous shift in paradigm, but we cannot simply approach every problem in education by allocating more money. Every program deserves an honest assessment of cost benefit.

I was raised in Minnesota, graduated from Wayzata High School, and earned my B.A. from Iowa State University. I am married with three children and moved to Woodbury in 1998. I work as an account manager at a global software company headquartered in Plymouth.

Laurie Johnson

District 833 School Board candidate