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Celebrate community at Woodbury Days

When my husband and I were getting married 27 years ago, he had just put some money down on a townhouse in a little suburb called Woodbury.

The only thing I knew about this city was that it was east of St. Paul, south of Stillwater where I lived, and that there was lots of open space.

My husband chose Woodbury because he rides a bicycle about 1,500 miles during the summers and he loved all the bike trails here. When we first moved to Woodbury all those years ago, we told our friends who lived elsewhere that there were no stop lights in the city. Not even one, we would say. Can you imagine?

Woodbury has grown so tremendously, it is almost inconceivable. At the time that we first moved here, demographics were showing that the city was expected to eventually grow to 60,000 residents. We would look at each other and wonder where in the world all these people would come from and why they would they want to live here.

As we live in Woodbury now, of course we know why people have

chosen this beautiful, vibrant, growing city to call home.

All a person would need to do is drive to any of the lovely parks we have available in nearly every neighborhood to see families enjoying the play equipment or a team at practice.

If you walk or bike around Colby Lake, you will be greeted by countless walkers or bikers, many with children and pets in tow, all getting their daily exercise.

We reminisce about a time that we skated on Colby Lake in the winter and were greeted by a cow on the north end of the frozen lake. I kid you not!

Ours is a city of people who are serious about work and play. We have phenomenal schools with teachers who offer our children an education that is sure to bring them well into the competitive world in which we live. These teachers support the families of Woodbury through their commitment to excellence and personal attention to each student.

Another notable Woodbury opportunity open to all families is the

vast array of sporting options available through the Woodbury Athletic Association. Not only will children have the chance to participate in a variety of sports, the parents will be able to share their love of the game through coaching, as well.

When you make the time this weekend to attend Woodbury Days, be

sure to look for all the people you know who have touched your life

in Woodbury. Be watching for your former teachers, Early Childhood Family Education coordinators, the school secretaries and maintenance people, your pastors or priests, and your old neighbors. You will likely see them all at Woodbury Days.

As school approaches and life starts to get hectic and busy again, this is a perfect time to relax and visit with people you may not have seen for a while. It is a time to catch up on how everyone is doing, who has left for college and where they went, and to comment on how much the kids have grown. It is truly a time to get out and celebrate our city and the wonderful life it provides for us.

The city founders would be pleased to see how their vision of this place we call home has come to fulfillment in each and every family who helps to make Woodbury what it is today. When we come out and enjoy ourselves this weekend, we will be honoring them through our participation in the activities that will be available for fun, great food, and wonderful entertainment.

Make this Woodbury Days, and all the people who have helped to make Woodbury what it is today, a weekend to cherish and remember in the year ahead!